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Sue Locke, a rising icon in the hair industry has devoted the last 2 years to achieving excellence in full and partial sew-in hair weaves and extensions. She utilizes the sew-in technique which she mastered when she was 10 years old by using individual tracks to add fullness, length or even color to women of "all ethnicities."Years of experience between Africa & Australia, means I know..and I understand the technique.That's why I stick to traditional methods. Sew in hair extensions!! undetectable hair extensions **NO TAPE, **NO GLUE,

Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Croydon and the owner of ZAB HAIR AND BEAUTY SALON

 Here's what makes Sue services stand out from the rest!

  • Provides quality phone and customer service
  • Calls are always answered - Missed calls are always returned on same day
  • Always start hair services on time
  • Private one on one service
  • Stylist does not interrupt client's service for eating or other personal matters
  • Does not over book or have client waiting
  • Really listens to your ideas and encourages you to make an appointment for a style consultation.
  • She makes sure your style is one that you can maintain at home on a daily basis if needed.




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For more volume, as well as added length, try the traditional braided extension method. With sewn hair extensions, you get the utmost in versatility, body and length, while nourishing and protecting your own real hair. This method of hair extensions requires more time for application, up to 2 hours.

Massive Benefits of Using the sew in system techniques 100% damage FREE making it safe for any hair type. No heat, No glue, No mess, No damage to your natural hair! Quick and easily applied in less then 2 hours! Quickly and easily removed in as little as 1/2 hour! They lay flat against your clients scalp so there is no detection or lumpiness. 100% natural looking technique is great for texture, fullness and length leaving you with fantastic looking hair! Great for highlights or low lights.

We stock Between 16 to 30 inches!!

A consultation will be needed to ensure you get a great result and that your hair extensions look natural.

♥●○•These are real Models in our Salon•○●♥



What is balayage?

Real models in our Salon playing around with colour, why dont you try us and see what we can do. You dont have to colour your hair just put a different colour extensions and youve got the look.

Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It’s a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders.

Q: Is Balayage just for blondes? What kind of effect can balayage highlights offer Brunettes?
A: Balayage is a technique, not a color or a shade. When using this technique, a client can have bright blond highlights or she can have subtle, tone-on-tone highlights and any colour (reds etc). It all depends on the look she is trying to achieve. Balayage imparts soft dimensions to the hair without turning someone into a blonde per say. Highlights placed in the right area can really compliment the face and brighten appearances.

♥●○•These are real Models in our Salon•○●♥




♥•°•Clip In Extensions Custom Made •°•♥

EVER TRIED CLIP IN EXTENSIONS?? Length, volume, color, and styling options are amongst the reasons women choose to wear extensions. Most ladies use clip-in extensions primarily for volume. You can make your own using the hair of your choice by following the steps below—trust me, it’s super easy !Or else just come down and let us do all the work for you!!
• You can PURCHASE the hair from ZAB SALON in the length/texture/color you are going for.
• Section off the area of your hair where you want the extensions, and measure.
• Cut the hair extensions to suit your measurements.
Attach hair Clips – we stock them at ZAB SALON, They come in different colors, so purchase the color suitable for your hair.
• The length of your track will determine how many hair clips will go on it.
• Sew into the holes of the hair clips making sure the part that snaps open is facing the right direction (where your real hair will go).




Be lavished with attention at Zab Hair Extensions and Beauty Salon

Eyebrow Threading!!!

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal and shaping for eyebrows with long lasting results. We use 100% cotton thread for this method for achieving the look of perfect eyebrows. In fact eyebrow threading lasts longer than any other eyebrow shaping method and it look better since the hairs are easier to pull out with threading. The threading method is also a great way to remove any unwanted facial hair of the upper lip, chin, side burns and we even service full face specials!!

After 3 visits you will get your next visit free!

!!!!Available Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays Only!!!


Eyebrows Shape $12
Eyebrow Tidy Up $8
Upper lip $6
Chin $8
Sideburns $9
Neck $15
Forehead $10
Full Face Special $35
Eyebrow and Upper-lip Special $30 for facebook fans ONLY(don’t forget to mention this special when you book* condition like and share our page)

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At ZAB HAIR EXTENSIONS AND BEAUTY , we have everything you'd expect from a hair and beauty salon:

  • HAIR EXTENSIONS (sewn in wefts only)
  • CLIP IN EXTENSIONS (Custom made)
  • Beautiful hair styles for every occassion
  • Quality hair and beauty products
  • Stockist Mary Kay  (http://www.marykay.com.au/ )
  • Stockist Suzie Beauty (https://www.facebook.com/SuzieBeautyAustralia)
  • Stockist Eco Products (http://www.ecohairproducts.com.au/ )


Sewn -in Hair Extensions Questions and Answers

Q: I am considering getting hair extensions. But, I am confused as to what to get. I am thinking about the ones that are sewn in, but am not sure. Are they irritating against the scalp? How long do they last? When the hair is pulled up, are the extensions visible?
A: When it comes to extensions, there are a number of options available. The biggest factor for most women when choosing extensions is cost. The cost of extensions is determined by both the product being used (whether the hair added is synthetic or human hair) and the method of application.

The most common application methods available today are SEW IN EXTENSIONS (TRACKS), bonding, and fusion. Sew in extensions are sewn to braided tracks in the scalp. Bonded extensions are attached at the scalp using a special adhesive. Fusion extensions are attached in small clusters to the hair at the scalp area using a special tool.

With the sew extensions, the hair is prepared for the addition of extension hair by braiding tracks into the natural hair. These tracks can be horizontal, vertical or can be curved to follow the contours of the hairline as desired. In most cases, a good stylist will place the braids sufficiently back from the hairline in all directions so that the braids/tracks are well hidden from most all angles.

ONE COMMON COMPLAINT among women who have “sewn-in” extensions is that the hair tracks can be braided too tightly and cause discomfort. Having the tracks braided too tightly can also lead to hair loss and damage to the natural hair. The key to avoiding this problem is to carefully research your stylist before allowing him or her to work on your head. The braids do need to be secure to give the extensions a secure anchor point, but you should not experience prolonged pain from the braided tracks. And at Zab Salon we pride ourselves of doing it right

As for the longevity of hair extensions applied by the track-and-sew method, you can reasonably expect to go from 6-8 weeks between maintenance appointments, provided you follow the at-home care instructions carefully. We at ZAB Salon we go over with you the proper methods of caring for your hair extensions.
Price List for 100% Indian Remy Hair
Full head (3 Tracks)
18 Inch $260 - $275
20 Inch $275 - $290
22 Inch $290 - $315
24 Inch $320 - $350
Tightening $30 per track
As well as hair extensions services, we offer: weaving, braiding, eyebrow threading, beauty services, hair and beauty products
Our friendly, experienced and professional staff, will give you the right advice on getting hair extensions.